Green Summit opens many doors

04 Sep

If you think of Green Summit as a door that has been pried open, there’s going to be a rush for seats from now on. In fact, it could soon turn into a stampede –figuratively speaking, of course!

The person behind this huge conference and expo that begins in Phoenix tomorrow, is Chris Samila, who is still an ASU student and evangelist of green business practice. He says his student project has now taken a life of its own. I told him his timing couldn’t be more prefect. He is amazed at the response the conference (more than 10,000 people are expected to attend) is getting from businesses. I am not. Consumers are pulling at one end, the media is pushing at the other, businesses have no choice but to go along.

Sustainability is more than a fun project, just as ‘going green’ is not just a flavor of the month. Politicians are embracing it, local governments and cities have made it their mantra, Walmart has bought into it.

I see this first hand at the Decision Theater. In fact I just presented to a group of people who came in to look at some of our projects around sustainable cities and water management and the key question are not ‘why is this important?‘ but ‘how could this apply to ”(name of city here).” Lots of architects, urban planners, even designers and students recognize where this is all headed.

Samila says he finds it interesting how even marketing and HR people have signed up for the conference. One theory: Potential hires are beginning to ask if the company they are considering has a green building policy.

The conference looks at alternative futures with regard to building design, energy, water, even green foods and green careers! The doors are wide open to this exciting area. Like to join the stampede?

Green Summit dates: Sept 5th and 6th, from 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: Phoenix Convention Center

Check these summit tracks

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