Quotes for the week ending 16 August, 2008

16 Aug

“One thing I love about Benetton: it never knows when to leave well enough alone.”

AdRants, commenting on Benetton which uses another controversial ad featuring a Tibetan monk and a Chinese soldier.

“The forecast? We’re smack dab in a cat five hurricane.”

Steve Rubel on “the thrill of the chase” as PR pros pitch publishers and bloggers, and why PR could be obsolete.

“Guys like Michael Phelps can roll out of bed in the morning in cutoffs and break the world record.”

Gary Hall Jr., on the controversy over the Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit, made of materials developed by NASA, which some say allows less talented swimmers to excel.

“I have no opinion on Tibet. I am a journalist.”

John Ray, ITN’s China correspondent overheard speaking to police officers as he was arrested, roughed up and being taken away after photographing a protest in Beijing, China.

“It sort of feels like the entire world is attending a huge party and NBC threw away our invite.”

Blogger, complaining about NBC delaying the broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics to “maximise its audience.”

“People were in such a good mood all night, watching the ceremonies, smiling, drinking, laughing and taking pictures of fireworks with the enthusiasm of children.”

Mara Schiavocampo, correspondent for NBC Nightly News.

“In the meantime, the world has a new war.”

Brian Williams, commenting on his blog about the Soviet fighters in Georgia in the same week as the Olympics began in China.

“Pray for peace. Pray for the Bachman and McCutcheon families. For all of us.”

Sports columnist for the Arizona Republic, Dan Bickley, from Beijing, commenting on the senseless murder of Tod Bachman, the father of former U.S. Olympian in Beijing.

“That’s a fool’s errand — like the State Department spending untold millions trying to persuade Arabs and Muslims that they have us all wrong. As long as the U.S. policy toward Israel and the Palestinians is what it is — right or wrong — Arabs will resent us.”

Bob Garfield, commenting on Microsoft’s “Mojave Experiment” that tries to solve the pesky little problem it has over people’s negative perception of the Vista operating system.

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