Taste testing ‘Meatball Sundae’

The Church of the customer’s Jackie Huba put Meatball Sundae into practice. Meaning actually building the disgusting mashup of meatballs, ice cream and toppings –and tasting it.

Watch the video clip here.

If you haven’t read Seth Godin’s book, here’s a summary: Loading new media (the toppings) on top of a commodity (meatballs) tastes yuck, has an awful texture, and terrible results. Seth, as always, has the recipe for creating a better menu item.

For the taste test, Huba smothered the following toppings on meatballs:

  • Chocolate syrup –representing blogs
  • Whipped Cream –representing Facebook and MySpace
  • Sprinkles –representing YouTube

You can expect what it tasted like…

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