Quotes for the week ending 16 November, 2007

“It acted as a steroid for our rebranding and exceeded our expectations.”

Wendy Clark, VP of advertising for AT&T, speaking of the iPhone at the Association of National Advertisers conference.

“That’s an excellent question”

John McCain’s response to a question from a woman in the audience who asked him “How do we beat the bitch?” referring to Senator Hillary Clinton.

“by facing the targeting and ad creation outward, Facebook has put the responsibility of correctly creating and targeting Social Ads in the hands of the many.

Joe Marchese, President of Archetypal Spin, in MediaPost’s Online Spin, commenting on Facebook‘s announcement this week.

“We’re teaching people better communication skills around touch and social affection … We hope to make the world a more cuddly and intimate place.”

Reid Mihalko, creator of the trademarked Cuddle Parties, a social trend that debuts in Phoenix on November 20th. The story broke in The State Press this week.

“I think that people who don’t think Facebook is extremely creepy lack any kind of foresight whatsoever.”

Someone going by the name of AJ, responding to David Berkowitz‘ experiment targeting a Facebook group around Orwell’s “1984.”

“It’s like we’re at that junction in the early 20th century when you had your pick of electric, steam, or gasoline-powered cars, and the steering wheel might be on the right or left side”

BusinessWeek cover story on iTV, or Internet TV, and why it’s not quite ready for prime time.

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