Give your blog focus and variety

I received a link to this post about worst practices of a blog. Of the 41, these are what stood out for me.

  • The blog is too personal
  • Not sticking to the theme
  • Not enough variety

There are plenty more, but I think many people don’t pay attention to staying on focus and adding variety. They sound like polar opposites, but aren’t. One is all about not trying to be all things to all people, while the other is all about depth.

Variety could include looking at a topic from several angles, and often putting one’s personal bias aside to explore other what-if scenarios, considering possibilities that you as a person or organization may not adopt but might have value.

As for the blog being too personal, this is a fine line. Of course one expects a blog to bring out the personality of the blogger, but writing sprinkled with far too many personal details is a turn off.

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