Teenagers need guns like fish need bicycles

It is with tremendous sadness that we process the latest horrific school shooting in Florida. Especially parents and teachers.

If you have a child in school today you would have received a message from the school district ‘assuring’ you of precautions that ensure safety in the school – from cameras that police departments can access, to active-shooter training, and other forms of vigilance.

The number keeps rising. As https://www.npr.org/player/embed/586171960/586171961“>NPR summed it up yesterday, 18 shootings on school property, just 46 days into the 2018. To borrow that line by Australian writer and politician Irina Dunn, who coined the phrase adopted by feminists, a teenager needs a weapon like fish need bicycles.

So many dreams, lives, family histories wiped out because someone –certainly someone who could not qualify as part of a ‘well regulated militia‘ –abused a ‘right to bear arms.’


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