Thank you to all the IT folk who make our lives simpler

Tuesday was National IT Professionals Day. Yes, there is such as thing! A day set apart (the third Tuesday in Sept) for us to stop clicking and swiping, for a moment, and consider what makes some of these technologies work most of the time.

So thank you for all the IT teams who keeps our engines humming.

Behind the scenes of our busy workplaces are system administrators, database folk, IT security teams, those who pre-empt and fix outages in the network, web developers,and tech-support people we tend to vent about, as if they owned and designed the technologies we use. I’ve done my share of venting, and I realize that you folk, who are the first responders to my overblown crisis, have other fires to put out, too.

So on this day I like to thank all those un-named people who come to my rescue. Happy IT Pros Day!

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