Use of video in TSA blog, brilliant!

Video and blogging have never been better suited for each other. I tell my clients to consider using a simple video camera to record events because you never know when it may come useful.

Not just to CYA, but to capture the energy or interaction of a moment that lends itself to a deeper commentary in a blog post.

But in this case, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) using video in their blog to quickly respond to a complaint, was a perfect way to diffuse the situation. The complaint: That a woman had been ‘separated’ from her child at a security checkpoint. They use 9 videos to support what they say -and these are also posted to YouTube.

Sidebar: Incidentally, if you are contemplating revamping your web site, the TSA web site is a great example of how to make a web site more social media friendly.  Note the 5 social media elements on the right navigation bar, and the request for feedback via the blog etc.

To get back to the blog: One thing about that blog post that’s easy to miss. Notice how they title the post, and the videos. They are not shy to use the phrase used in the complain, “TSA Agents took my son.”

It would been have so easy to spin it into something else, wouldn’t it? Blogger Bob’s comments come across as being truly sincere, and not just a prepared, lawyered comment.

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