Thoughts on another missing journalist

Even though I mainly write about marketing, social media and PR, my attention always turns to journalism and media. How could it not, when it is an integral part of those categories.

So every time I see a journalist incarcerated or detained for reporting, I think about how easy and risk-free it is to practice marketing or media relations.

We don’t give much thought to how none of these two practices would exist if not for the courageous reporters who bring in the stories, that create the readers, viewers and listeners, that sustain the organizations we take for granted. CBS and Catie Couric would not exist if not for people like Richard Butler. He’s not a household name, but last year he was abducted in Iraq and held for two months.

This week, it’s an American Journalist, Roxana Saberi. Her story is told at NPR and the Times Online. Organizations such as Reporters Without Borders keep track of these reporters who have been imprisoned or killed (11, and 136 respectively in 2009!) These are more than statistics. We ought to at least speak out for them –if not re-tweet the awful news from the comfort of our cellphones.

Speaking of which, you could keep up with incidents related to press freedom by following this British journalism site on Twitter @press_freedom

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