Device Independent Media is coming

These three words may not mean much today, so save it for later in your brain.

What it means is that a content provider –even your company– could produce media content that is smart enough to know what platform is being used to access that content, and then configuring the story/video/slides etc on the fly to make the experience relevant. It is not simply about resizing the content to fit the screen, but editing the story for your device.

Think about it. If you’re reading a story on Myanmar on your iPhone or via ‘smart goggles‘ you have less tolerance for detail, and may want more images and a high level description that loads fast.

When you access the same story on your laptop, you may have time and screen real estate for larger graphics, more context, maps, and other detail.

And should you be browsing on your 60-inch High def TV, you may appreciate longer length video pieces because your battery life or your broadband signal isn’t something to worry about.

The New York Times is looking into this, as Mike Zimbalist explains, here.

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