Facebook profiles: proceed with caution

File this under “what were they thinking.”

People, or even organizations –or someone creating a Facebook profile on behalf of one– uploading stupid pictures of themselves. I am sure many universities see a lot of this, and you have to wonder how these kids expect to enter the job market in a few years when every HR person will conduct some due diligence on social networks. (BTW, good article in WIRED this month on border agents using Google!)

A recent case makes the point. Recruits of the Canadian Border Services in Quebec posted images of themselves, um, imbibing, posting lots of comments unbecoming of any organization, let alone a government agency. An investigation is going on.

Earlier this year an RA at Ohio State University found out that his Facebook pictures could cost him his job and his dorm room.

And we haven’t even touched on the stupid things people upload to YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Facebook profiles: proceed with caution

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