Pictures of Sri Lanka tragedy

Ice cream I have had several pictures sent to me from people visiting the area and have to hold back several. These are just too grotesque to be published. Also, they bring up another issue voiced by a victim who said this (in a story sent me from Tyronne Paiva)

They talk as though they do everything here. Many people come here; they just take photographs, but we don’t get anything,” said Ramzan Mohideen, a man in a Muslim cap and gown who lost his jewelry business.

The story was about a visit by US senators to the southern region.

The picture above (via Andrew Samuel,) is particularly tragic -and not too graphic. An ice cream truck on the east coast.

Kalutara_digitalglobe_2This one, via DigitalGlobe, shows the tsunami on the South west coast of Kalutara –the area populated by several beach resorts, including Tangerine beach hotel.



Another, shows the wave receding.

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