The whole world is gloating

20 May

Following my post of May 11, I thought a few quotes on the failure of communication will make a better point than anything one can say.

“The endless spectacle of digitally preserved acts of depravity will have an equally endless series of damaging consequences.” Frida Ghitis, in the Arizona Republic.

“..these folks have no clue how to export hope.” Thomas Friedman, “Victory in November trumps all for Bush.” New York Times syndicate, May 17 2004

“He didn’t convince anyone or succeed in selling the U.S. line.” Unnamed Jordanian diplomat, quoted by Christomper Cooper in the Wall Street Journal; on Colin Powell’s lack of damage control. May 17, 2004

“We still treat our national politics like a combination sporting event and gossipfest. We’re still demeaning the national discourse with a steady diet of propaganda/spin souffle served up on a platter of triviality, with a side of slander.” David Neiwert, a freelance journalist in his blog “Orcinus,” on why the media are culpable, too. May 7th 2004.

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