Quotes for the week ending 31 Oct, 2009

“The thrill of naked guys in public aside, this marketing scheme did involve a bit of trickery.”

Advertising Age, revealing the story behind the ‘worlds’ fastest nudist’ in New York this week, who turns out to be a guy doing a stunt for Zappos, via an ad agency, Agent 16.

“Look, people the message is this: Do not tell me you cannot do this.”

Josh Bernoff, on how the Groundswell Awards, and how excellence in social media can come from anyone, anywhere.

“If there’s metadata in there, that’s public record.”

Dan Barr, attorney for the Society of Professional Journalists, on the Arizona Supreme Court decision that now requires public entities to disclose Meta Data, the ‘hidden data’ embedded in electronic records.

“A Friday afternoon news dump…”

Huffington Post on the list of visitors to the White House, released on Friday. The list includes lobbyists and prominent people

“It comes down to data and money.”

Story in Fast Company, that ‘Facebook plans to Geo-tag your life’  by linking geo-location information to users actions on the site.

‘World’s Fastest Nudist’ and Balloon Boy give new meaning to stunts

I am in the first chapter of Trust Agents, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, and can’t help but thinking how the two events  this month are perfect validations for what the book is about.

The Balloon Boy hoax has been condemned by people across the board. But right on its heels comes the other stunt by Zappos, whom no one likes to offend. Turns out this streaker spotted in New York, was an actor, part of  a clever stunt. Which explains the great video (and a YouTube channel). And media coverage.

In both cases the media were duped into carrying the story. Richard Heene, the father of the balloon boy must be smiling.