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The 140-character pitch and getting creative with Twitter

The over-used acronym KISS, could very well stand for Keep in short, stupid!

It’s probably more relevant today than it was a couple of years ago, where we are battling channel fatigue and attention deficit all at once.

So I was really interested in this post by a friend, Nathan Wagner, who just started his blog, Relevant Chews, about the need to hone down your elevator pitch to Twitter-length. Great food for thought.

On a similar note, I came across the Twinterview format (an interview using Twitter, if you have not guessed) also innovative, not just because of the way it uses the collaborative micro-blogging platform for the back and forth, but for the need to condense the Q and A into relevant chewable bites, if I may borrow from Wagner. I have to say I am guilty of sometimes framing a question that sounds more like a statement. (I am working on it.)

The reality is that the people we interview have a lot to say, so Twitter may seem a bit too condensed. But this might be one way to respect a person’s time, and get the interview when the he/she is on the move, undistracted, and ready to ‘talk.’ As we see in Jason Baer‘s twinterview with Scott Monty of Ford, both manage to squeeze in details, and url’s to make the exchange great.


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