Untangling social media’s Knots, Twine, Flakes and Waves

Is this the year of excessive networking?

  • I came across yet another interesting way to pull together a social network from a thread of tweets. It’s called TweetKnot.
  • Hard to not think of Twine, and what it stands for, huh?
  • I had just signed up with PageFlakes, which has been around but I have to admit is a pretty good aggregator of many other tools such as Facebook, Twitter, email etc.
  • And this week was awash with news of Google Wave.

Oh, my!

Are we getting to the point where we may need an aggregator for our aggregation tools?

Got a minute? What are the criteria you use for trying out a new communication tool?  Take a quick survey here.

I will report results of the survey here in a week. Thanks.