Podcasts and Slideshare – a cool way to distribute ideas

I’ve been dabbling with Slideshare and love how it lets you create and embed content.

So when my friends at GreenNurture began creating a series of presentations, we experimented with not just regular presos, but wondered what if we package a media kit as a SlideShare? What if we published a Press Release in this rich format? What if…..

We tried a few, and guess what? Our presentations were so popular that SlideShare contacted us to say that they were featuring GreenNurture on the home page.

Today we have moved beyond that, and turned podcasts into a presentation. See below. I think it’s neat not because it pulls the format into a new skin, so to speak, but for anyone who does not want to download it to an MP3 player, but likes to listen to it on a computer, it adds a new experience. The forward buttons help you get back to a part of you missed.

And yes, there’s a word for this hybrid format –it’s called Slidecasting!

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