All this “Chatter” (Valuable If You Mine It)

I love the examples many people have pointed me to, when researching my book. It’s easy to dismiss any discussion of Conversation apps as YASMAT – Yet Another Social Media Amplification Tool.

Chatter is not about amplification. It’s about deeper conversations that happen when we meet someone who suggests “Let’s grab a coffee and chat about…” It’s about shared ideas on an Intranet, conversation threads, if you will.

I came across this feature known as Chatter at that is what I might call an industrial strength Chat App. (Not to be confused with Chat Apps.). It’s a tool that could be embedded in organizations to help mine the knowledge out of conversations.

Chatter used by GE Aviation

I thought it was awesome how GE Aviation uses it. More than that, it connects “a machine” (the GEnx engine on its DreamLiner) “to a social network.”

Bits and atoms –not just opinions and marketing blather –are powerful when combined in conversation threads.

Use only as directed 🙂

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