Healthcare, now a social, not private affair!

Time was when someone would keep his/her healthcare concerns under the hood, so to speak. A health complication would be kept within the family; the unwritten doctor-patient privacy act was upheld.

Now? We seem to be ready to blab more about it. or, to put it another way, patients are more than ready to take to social media to discuss health-related issues in the open. Some examples

This latest report by PwC recognizes this, and gives you a more granular look at how the private concerns of those seeking healthcare have become closely intertwined with their social media behavior.

For example:

  • Nearly a quarter of people in the US (24%) post something about their healthcare experience.
  • 16 % share health-related videos and images!

It gets more interesting, in the face of concerns about invasion of privacy and health information.

  • Some 30% of people are willing to share their health-elated information with other patients, using social channels.
  • Also, 80% of 18-24 year-olds are likely to share health information through social media. 80 percent! You could find out more here at the PwC site.

This ought to have huge implications for healthcare companies, and even medical practitioners who have been concerned that their connecting with patients could run afoul with health information privacy, or HIPAA, laws. Physicians have been behind the curve. Sermo, their online community, has just 130,000 users, but one study found that while 87% of physicians use at least one social media site at a personal level, only 67% are using at least one site for professional reasons.

Quotes for the week 10/27/07

“Stunts such as this will not be tolerated or repeated.”

Homeland Security spokeswoman Laura Keehner, commenting on FEMA‘s fake News Conference on the California fires on Tuesday 23rd Oct, where federal agency employees played the role of reporters asking questions of their boss.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m a little burnt on just being a “PR guy.” There’s so much more to what we do, so why not work on the PR for the PR and actually improve things.”

Brian Solis on the “new rules” of PR and why Robert Scoble should be a PR guy.

10Questions is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to hasten the end of the age of soundbite TV politics and start the era of community conversation.”

From a post in OffTheBus, a crowdsourcing experiment in political campaign reporting by NewAssignment.Net and HuffPost.

“The connected consumer. There are four major driving forces: Digitization, Convergence, Media Snacking and Social Networking.”

Duncan Wardle, VP Global & WDW Public Relations, speaking at PRSA’s International conference on 22 October, 2007.

“My hope is that this tried and tested ‘disinfectant’ can help restore some of the luster to the reputation of the USA here at home and among our friends throughout the world.”

Visitor’s comment left at the State Department blog, Dipnote, that just started this week.

“Bring a technology solution to a technology-induced problem … Can you hear me now?”

Dan Wool, at ValleyPRBlog, suggesting that mobile phones come equipped with a ‘drive mode’ that sends callers and texters an automatic response to know that you are driving and cannot be distracted .