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Quotes from the week ending 16 Dec, 2007

“We’re still filling the tank … check back soon.”

Message on the new Christian social networking site LifeInTheFishbowl that will open shortly.

“Chanel No 5”

The perfume that Nicole Kidman says she is promoting. Kidman was paid damages by the Daily Telegraph in London whom she accused of falsely claiming that she preferred White Jasmine and Mint by Joe Malone.

“Most people don’t care about privacy, not at all.”

Seth Godin, on the trade off between relevance and privacy that faces with its new ‘eraser’ service.

“Dvorak is a controversial, opinionated and immensely influential technology writer, based in the US but read around the world thanks to the same internet that he dismisses as unsuitable for those living in poverty.

Bill Thompson hitting back at John Dvorak who criticized the hundred-dollar laptop, as a little green computer on the “information super ad-way.”

“The uneasiness is usually due to their perception that — in much the same way you hire a cleaning service and a couple of hours later, presto! you see the results immediately — you hire a PR professional and a week later, presto! you’re in the major headlines.”

ValleyPRBlogger Linda VandreVerde on why PR communicators need to communicate.


The concept of adding ‘glanceable nuggets of visual information’ through digital radio, so as to enhance what’s delivered via radio station. BBC Radio is experimenting with it.

“Take heart; Norman Mailer wrote all of his novels by hand.”‘s executive customer relations person, Autumn Walker, responding to a customer who wrote a letter to Jeff Bezos complaining about not winning a bargain laptop (during the “Amazon Customers Vote” promotion) and being unable to write his epic novel.

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