Augmented reality at point of purchase. Will it change the way brands ‘talk’ to customers?

When I first covered this thing called Augmented Reality’ people gave me a few blank stares. After all, in 2010, smart phones¬†penetration in the US was 25 % of all mobile users, and was just picking up speed.

Today, smart phones account for 50.4 of mobile phones. The comfort level people show with using apps, and engaging with tools such as QR Codes and Augmented Reality is making those who work in Marcom rethink what they do.

  • Should they stop writing ‘copy’ and start writing story ideas that work in these personal, mobile spaces?
  • Is it time to retire headlines and tag lines, and think of ‘swipe lines’ — inspired by the fast growing habits of new touch interfaces
  • Should we stop thinking of ‘chunks’ of brand-laden text, and start thinking instead of scenarios for different moments during the point of purchase?

Take a look at this communication between the label of a bottle of ketchup and someone in the grocery story diving into content that hide behind the label. The content is no longer on the label, but somewhere in the cloud. With a small touch that information (a recipe, ingredients, a promotion etc) could be transmitted to the shopper’s smart phone.

It’s getting better! See how a Dutch magazine, Veronica, uses the same idea to make print come alive.

It blows my mind to think of the possibilities for print advertisers who could turn the reading experience into a point of (online) purchase.

Quotes for the week ending 24 April, 2010

“But it’s when you become the punch line on The Colbert Report that you know you’ve made the big time.”

Bill Goodykoontz, columnist at the Arizona Republic, commenting on Stephen Colbert’s ripping of Arizona’s new immigration bill –that was signed by governor Jan Brewer into law on Friday.

“facebook seems to be down – mass suicides worldwide predicted – story at 11”

Tweet by mmelnick, (musician, vegetarian, animal lover, truth seeker) who also re-tweeted “Attention humans: Facebook isn’t “down”. It’s become self-aware & will soon launch nuclear weapons. I’m pressing the “Lik …”

“Trees are a renewable resource, and paper can be recycled, recovered and used to make paper again. … Make print a valuable part of your communications mix.”

The argument behind Print Grows Trees, a campaign by Print Graphics Association Mid Atlantic (PGAMA) a not-for-profit trade association

“…uncomfortably close to advocating sexting”

The creepy Kin video ad that Microsoft had to pull for obvious reasons

“I think smaller- and medium-sized agencies make the transition from traditional to social-enabled PR much easier than larger agencies.”

Jason Baer, in a Twintervirw with Bob Reed of PRSA, where he also talked about ‘the science and math of social media.’