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Quotes for the week ending 31 Oct, 2009

“The thrill of naked guys in public aside, this marketing scheme did involve a bit of trickery.”

Advertising Age, revealing the story behind the ‘worlds’ fastest nudist’ in New York this week, who turns out to be a guy doing a stunt for Zappos, via an ad agency, Agent 16.

“Look, people the message is this: Do not tell me you cannot do this.”

Josh Bernoff, on how the Groundswell Awards, and how excellence in social media can come from anyone, anywhere.

“If there’s metadata in there, that’s public record.”

Dan Barr, attorney for the Society of Professional Journalists, on the Arizona Supreme Court decision that now requires public entities to disclose Meta Data, the ‘hidden data’ embedded in electronic records.

“A Friday afternoon news dump…”

Huffington Post on the list of visitors to the White House, released on Friday. The list includes lobbyists and prominent people

“It comes down to data and money.”

Story in Fast Company, that ‘Facebook plans to Geo-tag your life’  by linking geo-location information to users actions on the site.


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Josh and Charlene named “Visionaries” for Groundswell

Congratulations to Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff on being named ‘visionaries of the year‘ by SNCR, the Society for New Communications Research (whose founders are the who’s who of social media.)

By many standards, Groundswell is the most imortant book of the year that answers the Why and How of social media. It’s hard for me to stop talking about it –my upcoming article in IABC’s Communication World is about it.

The authors have demystified the social media hype and given every practitioner something substantial to turn to: case studies, ROI calculations the online Social Technographics tool etc.

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Quotes for the week ending 25 October, 2008

“YouTube is a clip culture … But we saw that there was a demand for longer form.”

YouTube’s director of content partnerships, Jordan Hoffner, on its move to allow videos longer than  10-minutes.

“Start iterating– fast.”

Robert Scoble on what newspapers can learn from the technology industry.

“he displayed … intellectual vigor”

Colin Powell, on endorsing Barack Obama.

“What reality are you in?”

Alec Baldwin, responding to those who thought it was a mistake to put Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, because it might sway voters.

“It is an acceptance mark.”

Antonio Lucio, the new CMO of Visa, on what the brand stands for, and his plans for moving a piece of plastic into the digital age. Quoted in Advertising Age.

“… we see that technology allows for new kinds of connectedness built around cell phones and the internet.”

Tracy Kennedy of the University of Toronto, commenting on the Pew Internet and American Life study on Networked Families, just out.

Wal-Mart is not afraid of negative reviews from customers.”

Josh Bernoff, on how Walmart has turned the supertanker around and is embracing social media.

“Be flexible, consider part-time work, take a paycut, work hard”

Annie Waite, at Internal Comms Hub, the Melcrum blog, quoting Lynn Hazan, about strategies for communicators to survive the down turn.


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Bloggers’ profile revealed by Technorati

The just published Technorati State of the Blogosphere report does a huge service not just to bloggers in general, but to anyone planning to use social media internally, or trying to do some media outreach.

The rest of the report makes an interesting case (there are more bloggers who are full time employees than you’d imagine) for the make up of “those people” and the content they deliver. For instance, there are more expert blogs than the snarky or confrontational type. Concealing identity is not such a huge thing, as people fear.

This blew my mind:

  • The 2007 report last April, Technorati reported it tracked 70 millions blogs, growing at the rate of 120,000 blogs a day.
  • The 2008 report puts the number at 133 million, with the blogosphere swelling by 1,000,000 posts a day!

Talk about a groundswell!

This 5-part  report, with two parts still to come, will be a wake up call for those still on those sidelines.

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Groundswell to Obama: “we own your brand!”

Maybe someone should mail the Barack Obama campaign a copy of Groundswell.

I had just interviewed Josh Bernoff last week, and one piece of news began hitting me: a group organizing itself in the groundswell around the name Get FISA Right, and was using the Obama blog to tell the senator he is wrong!

Not that they would, but in case the Obama campaign takes the blog off its servers, the folks also have a Facebook group, with 1,910 members. And yes, there is content on YouTube explaining the bill they are opposing.

Get FISA Right is about Obama’s soft peddling on the issue of giving Telecom companies immunity. He had opposed it but has since revised his position.

As the book puts it, once you engage the groundswell be prepared to listen because you get “answers in high def.”


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