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On Grammar Girl, content is queen

I listen to a podcast of one of the driest subjects on earth, grammar. But what makes Grammar Girl, so extremely listenable /valuable /addictive is a lesson for a lot of marketing communications that’s too self conscious. This short, no-frills podcast never reveals the person behind the mike –Mignon Fogerty — who interestingly is from our neck of the woods –Gilbert Arizona.

But I bring this up because of another reason. It’s a good example of why you should pay attention to content, and not get too distracted with format and style. Grammar Girl has no well-produced intros and outros (the intro is simple and memorable.) Just riveting content. She opens with three words that becomes her de-facto signature, “Grammar girl here,” and leaps straight into the topic.

Topics are those you may be too embarrassed to ask about (but rather look it up on Wikipedia) such as when and how to use an ellipsis … the proper use of bring/take, and things you never new existed (“eggcorns“)! She also responds to reader queries, and comes across as the person next door, rather than some snooty English major or language guru. Give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

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