Quotes for the week ending 3 Oct, 2009

“There’s nothing quite as insecure as a television anchorman.”

Kent Dana, the news anchor for Channel 5 (KPHO) in Phoenix, and previously anchor of Channel 12 (KPHX), retiring after a 30-years work in the news business.

“This is the biggest investment we’ve made in a national launch … “This is not your grandmother’s instant coffee.”

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, on the launch of Via, the instant brew

“rather than submitting their images and videos to mainstream media organisations, they post them online on Facebook, Twitpic, or wherever their friends are likely to see them.”

Robin Hamman, visiting journalism fellow at City University, London, commenting on the social media use during disaster and tragedy.

“This whole things has been quite scary.”

David Letterman, admitting he had had an affair with an employee.

“It is a whole other universe of risk.”

State Rep Steve Farley of Tucson, on texting and driving, as Arizona considers a bill to ban it.

“… Which is another reason why news operations don’t publish all the good news we hear about. There would be no room for the rest.”

E.J. Montini, commenting on All the Good News Fit To Print.

“But you have to remember if you have a conversation on the wall, you could be opening up the entire conversation to the public.”

Robyn Itule, an account manager with Armstrong Troyky, a PR and Ad agency in Phoenix

‘Then out of nowhere this big wave, as tall as the sky, hit.”

A 21-year old woman in the Pacific Island of Samoa, on the devastating tsunami that hit the area, followed by an earthquake in Sumatra.

“There’s always truth in snark.”

Chris Brogan, during his presentation at New Media Atlanta, commenting on the back-channel tool, BackNoise, saying “always confront the thing you are fear most head-on.”

Untangling social media’s Knots, Twine, Flakes and Waves

Is this the year of excessive networking?

  • I came across yet another interesting way to pull together a social network from a thread of tweets. It’s called TweetKnot.
  • Hard to not think of Twine, and what it stands for, huh?
  • I had just signed up with PageFlakes, which has been around but I have to admit is a pretty good aggregator of many other tools such as Facebook, Twitter, email etc.
  • And this week was awash with news of Google Wave.

Oh, my!

Are we getting to the point where we may need an aggregator for our aggregation tools?

Got a minute? What are the criteria you use for trying out a new communication tool?  Take a quick survey here.

I will report results of the survey here in a week. Thanks.