Blockchain fuels the sharing economy – Aaron’s article

For anyone considering dipping a toe into crypto-currency, there’s one person I’d like to point to – my son, Aaron. He’s worked with currency models from social currencies to crypto. The former is a way communities print and use their own money to sustain local industries. (One currency uses the line ‘In Farms We Trust’ as a way of thumbing its nose to the Federal alternative.)

His recent in Shareable, is titled “Blockchain as a force for good: How this technology could transform the sharing economy.”¬†

Blockchain is being adopted by restaurants, the energy sector, and the city of Austin, among others as he explains in the long piece. It’s definitely worth a read., even though I say so myself!

Tech questions worth asking about self-driving cars and crypto-currencies

Some thoughts around the dinner table:

Self-Driving cars:With the arrival of more autonomous cars (we see several every day around our home) will stores need to reduce their parking lots?

Software lawyers:¬†Could we see a new branch of defense lawyers whose client’s might be an ‘algorithm’ – the self-driving car software that caused the accident?

Poor Eyesight: Will optometrists see a surge of business since kids using more screen time that is recommended by pediatrics, get into glasses earlier in life?

Crypto: What if credit card companies pay us ‘rewards’ points in crypto-currencies?

3D printing: Could we change (upgrade, really) our clothing made with 3D printable ink?