All this “Chatter” (Valuable If You Mine It)

I love the examples many people have pointed me to, when researching my book. It’s easy to dismiss any discussion of Conversation apps as YASMAT – Yet Another Social Media Amplification Tool.

Chatter is not about amplification. It’s about deeper conversations that happen when we meet someone who suggests “Let’s grab a coffee and chat about…” It’s about shared ideas on an Intranet, conversation threads, if you will.

I came across this feature known as Chatter at that is what I might call an industrial strength Chat App. (Not to be confused with Chat Apps.). It’s a tool that could be embedded in organizations to help mine the knowledge out of conversations.

Chatter used by GE Aviation

I thought it was awesome how GE Aviation uses it. More than that, it connects “a machine” (the GEnx engine on its DreamLiner) “to a social network.”

Bits and atoms –not just opinions and marketing blather –are powerful when combined in conversation threads.

Use only as directed 🙂

More about my book, Chat Republic, here

My upcoming book – about our ‘Republic of Chatter’

It’s time to break some news. I am at the final stages of a book about the power of conversations.

While it does analyze why audiences are more engaged (the stuff I’ve covered as a technology columnist for six years),  this is an attempt to peel back the layers of hype about social this and social that, and look at the operating system that lies at its core –human chatter.

As so many other ‘republics’ –Facebook and Pinterest, for instance– are being overrun by the masses, I have felt the need to look at why we can’t stop blabbing. The Republic of Chatter (a working title) also addresses another passion of mine, about the power of ordinary people to speak out, to rise above the chatter.

Stay tuned!