There are Flip cameras and there’s the Blackberry Storm

I often carry my Nikon D90 to events. But a camera bag, podcast recorder and laptop creates clutter.

So while holding off on a Flip video camera –for now– I use my trusty Blackberry Storm for the odd video. Turns out it does very well, especially when I want to cover an event live using a few social media elements.

This one was taken at a class on Social media for Realtors. I was there with a friend who is just getting into the space, and wanted to check out what Jerry Fischer, the instructor, was offering.

Click to view a few seconds of video.

What I found:

  1. The picture quality is really good for a phone. The audio quality, better still.
  2. Sending it to Twitvid is not easy – slow uploading. But the app I had downloaded for this made it one-touch.
  3. You really need a tripod when you do this. It is less distracting to the instructor, too.

Not that Jerry would have minded. He was also showing real estate agents how easy it was to video with Facebook.

Incidentally the audio recorder on the Storm also produces stunning quality. Saves carrying a bulky recorder everywhere.