Twitterhawk could kill golden goose

If you like Twitter (and wonder why it was not overrun by spammers) prepare for this killjoy. I was alerted to it by an IABC colleague –through what else? Twitter– of a tool that could kill the golden goose.

This crappy service, Twitterhawk is a way to turn it into a marketing machine. One look at what it promises and I can see the end times.  The company is brash enough to say that “We have many measures in place to reduce the liklihood (sic) of your posts being seen as SPAM, but instead look much more natural and real.”

Meaning: we can help you smile, and be a devil.

I can’t wait to see what the Amway / Quixstar types might do once they take hold of this! (Don’t kid yourself, they a lready use social media –chec this!) I don’t think it is the only robotic service out there, but if Twitter does not officially respond to this, we know where micro-blogging is gonna end up.