Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich: media magnet

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: “You  have handled this ordeal with a lot of political skill—so far.”

Yeah right!

Watching Rod Blagojevich self destruct on the public airways made me wonder if the former governor of Illinois was master of  the cottage industry -selling sound bites to the hungry media.

If you switched between channels on Tuesday it was wall-to-wall Blagojevich. From Larry King to NBC’s Nightline, to CNBC. He even managed to say the same things to the hosts, who alternated between inquisitor, cheerleader and mesmerized host.

So here’s my question. Does the media sometimes lose its journalistic compass and get sucked in by the bad guy (the old case of OJ comes to mind, doesn’t it?) or is this an instance of masterly media handling by Blagojevic?

Speaking of the cottage industry, check who else other than the TV hosts is making hay while the ex-governor heads to Crowbar Hotel.

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