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Strumpette’s underbelly exposed. Now what?

Some in the PR industry have predicted that Amanda Chapel, who exited the scene recently as a blogger using the handle “Strumpette,” may indeed surface under a new guise.

Robert French’s expose of Chapel gave several others an opening to reveal the same ugly side of a PR blogger they experienced. One called her a front for a Libelous Troll Brigade. Another, an avatar. French simply calls Chapel “it.”

Indeed the approach it took – a blog that called itself “A Naked Journal of the PR Business” — drew many in, with vituperous attacks both online and off. The Washington Post had some theories too. I was one of its lesser targets, with comments to a post here, that went from mild insults to name calling. When I threw in question to see if its comments were really serious, the response was telling –dismissing Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory a bunch of hooey, etc.

To be sure, Strumpette was an half-brained experiment. Many others, just like last year’s Lonely Girl, have tried to massage the blogosphere and the social media eco-system to see what happens. Jeff Jarvis suggested it could have been a book proposal badly done, or someone slighted by a loss of clients.

Moving on. This brings to the surface once again an issue that’s uncomfortable for some: anonymous blogs and ghost blogging– a topic that’s been debated over and over again by PR folk for more than a year. Let’s see how this evolves.


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Taking notes on the run – It’s a Jott thing

I tend to use a flash drive less now that I have a wiki that serves as a data dump, and free online file space with sites such as XDrive and Dropboks.

Then came along a service called Jott, a way to leave those ‘notes to self’ without a voice recorder. It’s pretty simple. You register your cell phone with Jott, then add the Jott number to your phone’s speed dial and whenever you can’t find a pen and paper to scribble something down, you call that number and leave a voice note. The audio file then gets sent to your email, or for that matter anyone you want to share the idea with.

Now comes a sort of Jott campanion. It’s called Jjot. It allows you to take notes online, and access them later from any computer. And just like Jott, you could email that note to anyone, or yourself.

Which gives me an idea: What if Jjot would let me email files to my personal page? Then I could use Jott to make audio notes while driving, and archive both audio and text notes on Jjot!

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