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Mixed messages and Coke branding

Zero_coke We have all heard the great branding stories about Diet Coke. Not often do you hear about how confusing the mesaging could be. Fast Company ran this story in the September issue of the magazine.

It’s available online here. A chart is a great way to explain ‘the many faces of no-cal Coke.’

If you’ve never knew which zero calorie Coke’s brand message included a call to "flirt, laugh, dance, prance, giggle, wiggle," check it out!

Having said that, the Diet Coke site, is worth a visit, too!

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Advertising meets persuasion meets viral

Thanks to my cousin, Kumar Pereira, for this reference about a campaign in Australia. Carlton Draught Beer’s web experience called "It’s a Big Ad." Hard to describe this, because it’s so funny and watchable. Find it here. It was a viral marketing campaign, spread via blogs.

Another great idea: Virgin Mobile offers what it calls a PressurePoint Presentation. For kids. It is part of an Enlightenment Kit they offer teens who are trying to persuade parents they need a cool new phone.

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Yahoo’s ‘News’ foray

The Yahoo story is picking up steam. Wired News, mentioned this y’day:

Last week Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based organization that monitors human rights and press freedom, revealed that Yahoo’s Hong Kong division helped Chinese authorities track journalist Shi Tao, who sent an e-mail through his Yahoo account allegedly containing state secrets.

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When employees speak their mind

Robert Scoble, the Microsoft blogger is always worth checking, even if you don’t work in Microsoft, or have any interest in the software biz. Why? he gives you a fresh perspective on how employees ought to speak on behalf of their companies, whether of not they blog about it.

Take this post from Friday, September 16. Scoble comments on a post from someone writing about his CEO, Steve Ballmer:

SteveB, the Web isn’t something you can win. The Web is something you can love. Or something you can hate. But it’s not something you can enslave or own — anymore than you can own or enslave oxygen or water.

I think SteveB assumes we all know what he’s talking about. I think he’s talking about businesses on the Web and not the Web itself. Sorta like you can own a fish that swims in the sea, but you can’t own the sea itself. I know I’ve often heard him speak and find myself saying "huh?" but when I add "profitable business" to what he’s saying it makes a lot more sense.

How often would talk back to your CEO like that?

Which brings me to aomething else. Corporate-lingua franca. In IABC’s magazine CW, this month, John Freivalds speaks of how marketing slogans, ads, trademarks are only a limited part f a company’s identity. He cites Microsoft as having a web site for developers and corporate communictors called Dr. International. How many companies take the time to give its external players that kind of support?

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Correction on Katrina Wiki

Thanks to Constan Basturea, for correcting me on the fact about my last post about the Katrina Wiki. It is not in any way connected with Wikipedia.

Here’s asn interesting use of VOIP, in the relief effort. A Skype call button to be placed on blogs and sites.

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Katrina Coverage

Hurricane Relief has a different approach now. Interesting how the new media work today.

Houston Chronicle has a Dome Blog

Craig’s List (for New Orleans has a Lost & Found information page.

Katrina Network is a portal for those affected.

Wikipedia has, well, everything about the diaster! Housing, volunteer info, jobs offered (in other states) to the evacuees.

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Yahoo and Kevin Sites

continues to defy everyone, hiring Kevin Sites as its first correspondent.
Couldn’t have picked someone better, since Sites, a reporter (for
CNN and MSNBC) and blogger has covered the war, and  continues to defy what war reporting
is all about. Radar magazine described him as a ‘heat seeking journalist’ (he covered
the Iraq war, Afghanistan, and the tsunami) since
he is known for the controversy after shooting the Mosque shooting.

See interview here. Sites’ observations the implications for the media are worth pondering.

 “like most people
these days who are under 70, I don’t have time to sit down and watch the
nightly news. And I used to work for them. So most of my news searching comes
from the internet. I will look at blogs, I’ll look at irregular sources, but
also at a lot of the mainstream sites.”

His War Diaries, maintained as a blog, are some of the best reporting you’ll find. Take this observation, from Afghanistan.

This is how it works. There are two wires. They are insulated wires. But still. They are jammed into the socket openings in the wall. Follow the wires. They wrap a couple of times around a steel bed frame, across the floor and finally, thread the grooves carved into a brick, sitting on other bricks in the middle of the room. The wired brick is glowing.
On this chill night in December, this is where the orphans warm their hands–huddled around this glowing brick.

They are not sad or whining or feeling sorry for themselves. They are laughing, campfire faces, flushed in red–happy for this one thing, this small warm thing.

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